WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

30ml The Sauce LA Vape Juice (12 flavors) – $1.99

$1.99 $9.99
30ml The Sauce LA Vape Juice (12 flavors) – $1.99
30ml The Sauce LA Vape Juice (12 flavors) – $1.99
$1.99 $9.99

12 Vape Juice flavors at $1.99 a bottle

The LA Sauce want to open the door for you to try new flavors with minimal risk – just $1.99 per 30ml.

You can try as many of the flavors in this collection as you like! I only ask that you don’t order too much of any one flavor/nicotine strength so there’s enough for everyone! Let’s set a fair cap at 4 bottles per flavor/nic strength per customer. If you order more than that, other vapers like you will miss out.

Here’s how to order:

1.) Decide which flavors below you’d like to try.

2.) Select 30ml bottle size on the product page.

3.) Add to cart.

4.) Check out and enter the discount code Buck99 and hit “Apply”!

The available flavors

Caramel Waffle CappuccinoAn excellent all day vape.0mg or 3mg or 6mg
Vanilla Bean Cream CoffeeVanilla Bean Cream vape juice has rich vanilla flavor, with smooth notes of coffee and decadent whipped cream. It's just like how I prepare my morning coffee. It all starts with a rich, dark brew. Simmer that coffee pot up to 200 degrees and let it drip. I pour out a huge mug and leave plenty of room for what's to come. That's right - loads of vanilla creamer and sugar. You'll love the frothy goodness of this tasty coffee vape juice!Pre-steeped to perfection, Vanilla Bean Cream e-juice is a HIGH VG flavor that vapes as smooth as your morning coffee!0mg or 3mg or 6mg
Get Your Kicks Strawberry BubblegumFreshly picked, sun-ripened strawberry on the inhale. On the exhale, you're treated to a strong, sweet bubblegum taste.
Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further - this strawberry bubblegum vape juice is the perfect blend of the classic American strawberry bubblegum candy.
0mg or 3mg or 6mg
Mango Tropical BlastA tart, fruity, and refreshing all day vape that reminds you of your favorite coffee shop iced beverage.
Mango Tropical Blast vape juice combines ripe, succulent mango, a touch of passion fruit and sweet tangerine together for an unbelievably refreshing vape. You'll taste the ripe mango and a subtle green tea up front. The mango is sweet and juicy and is perfectly balanced by the bitters of the tea. As you exhale, you'll taste a sharp tangerine that brings the whole flavor together
0mg or 3mg or 6mg
Open Road Marshmallow Rice CerealA perfect blend of sweet, gooey and rich caramel infused rice cereal vape juice with subtle notes of marshmallow flavor. The perfect e-liquid for any road trip.
Pre-steeped to perfection, Open Road, a HIGH VG flavor, is an all day vape that will make you want to hook up an IV pump of it directly to your arm. It's that good.
Best Original Marshmallow Rice Cereal Vape Juice for an all day vape
0mg or 3mg or 6mg
1922 - Energy Drink Vape JuiceAn energy drink pick-me-up! 1922 e-juice tastes just like a tropical energy drink, but better - with a subtle cooling effect on the exhale.0mg or 3mg or 6mg
Ace - The SauceAce vape juice is a rich sundae blend of rainbow sherbet, ripe strawberry, and Bavarian cream. A creamy e-juice lover's dream come true!
Ace vape juice is a dessert lover's dream. This ice cream vape juice is rich in flavor and low on calories. Perfect juice for vapers to fulfill the sweet craving of dessert.
0mg or 3mg or 6mg
Main Street- Apple PieTart, sun ripened green apple on the inhale. On the exhale, you're treated to a light cinnamon, creamy crust. Just like Grandma used to make: the perfect apple pie vape juice.
On your first puff, you'll notice the sweet taste of rich apple pie filling. It fills to top of your palate with familiar flavors of cinnamon, sugar, and apple. As the flavor settles in, you'll taste more and more of the flaky crust. All together, this flavor is one heaping bite of fresh apple pie!
0mg or 3mg or 6mg
Capone - The Sauce LATart, crispy cereal on the inhale and rich, creamy milk on the exhale. Some say it's better than the real thing!
The Sauce LA Capone e-Juice is a fruit cereal juice for vape with a perfect blend of fruitiness and creaminess to re-create the best breakfast cereal experience. We capture the essence of opening a new box of fruity cereal on the inhale and milk-soaked cereal at the bottom of the bowl on the exhale and palate.
0mg or 3mg or 6mg
Model-TeaYou've never had a vape quite like this. Model-Tea vape juice is has bold peach and dragon-fruit, with a refreshing base of green tea. Model Tea vape juice is summertime right at your lips. 0mg or 3mg or 6mg
Passion Fruit CooleA sweet, fruity, and refreshing all day vape reminiscent of your favorite coffee shop iced beverage.
Passion Fruit Cooler vape juice has spirited notes of luscious passion fruit and ripe strawberries, and a subtle twist of lemon and green tea. Passion Fruit Cooler e-juice is like an extra large red tea from your friendly neighborhood barista!
0mg or 3mg or 6mg
XXX - Fruity Vape JuiceXXX vape juice is a tangerine and strawberry vape juice, with unforgettable notes of kiwi and lime. XXX is the ultimate summer flavor!  The best fruity vape juice for an all day vape.0mg or 3mg or 6mg
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