WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Loaded Lemon Bar E-Liquid (120ml) – $8.80

$8.80 $24.99
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Loaded Lemon Bar E-Liquid (120ml) – $8.80
Loaded Lemon Bar E-Liquid (120ml) – $8.80
$8.80 $24.99

Lemon Bar by Loaded – 120 ml Clearance Sale E-Liquid

Loaded Lemon Bar is a scrumptious new dessert vape consisting of lemon custard, pie crust and a generous dusting of powdered sugar. You’ll experience a taste explosion of tangy lemon curd blended with rich and buttery pastry crust on the inhale and the sweet sugary goodness of confectioners sugar on the exhale. The perfect blending of sweet and tart! Loaded has truly outdone themselves with this delicious new bakery vapor. You’ll be glad it comes in 120mL bottles. Try it today!


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Lemon Bar by Loaded E-Liquid 120ML has the delicious flavor profile of extravagant lemon-infused custard dessert bar.

Bottle Size: 120ml

Nic Strength: 0.3 (3mg)

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